Tom Wolfe comes to the big screen with “Back To Blood”

Next Tuesday (October 23) legendary American writer Tom Wolfe’s newest novel – Back To Blood – will hit book stores. Wolfe’s fans and readers are about to get an unprecedented cinematic companion piece along with it.

Coming to Emerging Cinemas later this month, the documentary Tom Wolfe Gets Back To Blood takes viewers behind the scenes of the Back To Blood ‘s creation in the first ever documentary about the iconic writer of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and The Bonfire of the Vanities.

Director Oscar Corral, an award-winning journalist who had interviewed the literary icon in 2003, offered to be Wolfe’s “fixer” when he came to Miami to research his yet-to-be-written novel addressing topics like immigration, hedonism, wealth, and class. Wolfe took him up on it. The result is a film shot over five years that features Wolfe exploring Miami’s quirky mix of cultures and neighborhoods and even sailing in a regatta, all while usually in his trademark white suit.

Vanity Fair has caught on to the buzz; the magazine is currently featuring an exclusive clip of the film online and a column by director Oscar Corral describing his unique access to Wolfe, including a visit to a notorious strip club.

For a continually updated list of where you can see Tom Wolfe Gets Back To Blood, check here. And ask your local Emerging Cinema to bring it to your town.


(Wednesday, Oct. 24th) – Tom Wolfe appeared on NPR’s Fresh Air to discuss Back To Blood and also a bit about the documentary Tom Wolfe Gets Back To Blood


(Monday, Oct. 22nd)
– Tom Wolfe was a guest on CBS This Morning to talk about Back To Blood, and about how he started wearing his trademark white suit.

(Monday, Oct. 22nd)
USA TODAY features an article about Tom Wolfe’s new book Back To Blood, with a accompanying video online of Wolfe answering five questions, one of which is “What role did Oscar Corral (director of Tom Wolfe Back To Blood) play in helping you with this novel?”

Wolfe USA Today


(Monday, Oct. 21st) – The October 29th issue of New York Magazine features an article about Tom Wolfe and his forthcoming Back To Blood, and includes some background on the making of Tom Wolfe Gets Back To Blood.

“Wolfe allowed Corral to film a documentary on his fieldwork. The result makes an excellent advertisement for Wolfe’s methods.”