Are there special prices for seniors, students, children or large groups?

Ticket prices are set by each individual theatre. Visit your local theatre’s website to learn more about ticket prices, any available discounts, and to purchase tickets.

How much do tickets cost?

Ticket prices vary from theatre to theatre. Check with your local theatre. Emerging Pictures does not determine ticket prices.

Where can I buy tickets?

Buy tickets directly from your local theatre, just as you would for any other film. Visit the box office or the theatre’s website. On our wesbite, enter your ZIP code to find your local theatre, and then click on the “Find Tickets” link. You’ll be taken to the theatre’s website, where you can purchase tickets.

I would like to receive an email about screenings, but only about screenings in my area. Can I sign up for that, instead of your national email?

Emerging Pictures does not offer local theatre-specific newsletters. However, we recommend the service provided by BachTrack.com, which can help you set up personalized alerts for Opera & Ballet in Cinema screenings in your area. And, we recommend you sign up for our email newsletter by clicking here.

Your website and the website of my local theatre show different listings. Who’s right?

If there is a discrepancy between what is listed on our website and on the website of your local venue, contact us right away to let us know.

Why are there no theatres near me showing your films?

If there are no theatres near you showing our content, we’d love to hear from you about what theatres in your area you think would be a good fit for us. Click here to contact us.

There is a theatre listed near me, but there are no show times listed. Why?

If a theatre has no show times listed, it is because they have not booked one of our films, operas or ballets. Contact your local theatre to request that they book more from Emerging Pictures!

I would like to be alerted about upcoming screenings.

Click the following link to sign up for our e-mail newsletter. You can personalize your sign-up so that you will only receive information on programs that interest you. We will not share your email with any third parties. Sign up here.

I have many friends who would be interested in your screenings, but I don’t see much advertising for your series. Is there a way for me to help get the word out?

Though individual theatres do advertise their schedules, including our content, it’s not feasible for us to advertise in the many hundreds of communities where our network theaters are located. We have to rely upon you, our customer, to help build awareness and interest in what Emerging Pictures offers. Word of mouth: it’s the best advertising and endorsement there is. So, tell your friends!

I would like to buy a DVD of one of your titles. When will it be available?

Emerging Pictures does not handle DVD sales of any of our titles.