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Interested in joining Emerging Cinemas? To begin, please complete the following Technical Survey. It will provide both of us with a starting point to determine what might already be in place, what needs to be augmented.Downloadable Technical Survey PDF

Emerging Cinemas Technical Requirements Checklist

Venue Name________________________________ Contact_____________________________

Tech Contact_______________________ Phone #____________ Email____________________

High Speed Broadband Connectivity

Name of local provider_____________________________________________________________

Broadband is 6 MB/s or higher with a static IP

Broadband router connected to a modem

Server location is placed to plug in UPS with a surge protector

The outlet is continuously on- power is never turned off/interupted


Projector make and model___________________________________________________________

Projector MUST be native High Definition with a digital input

Minimum resolution 1280 x 720 (3-chip DLP)

Contrast ratio 1500:1

Brightness in ANSI lumens sufficient to create 15 fl. (foot lamberts) of reflected
light intensity from the screen

4000 Lumens 16 ft. wide screen
5000 Lumens 20 ft. wide screen
7000 Lumens 28 ft. wide screen
10000 Lumens 28-40 ft. wide screen


Audio processor make and model______________________________________________________

Surround Sound 5.1

Audio cable length (in feet)_______

Digital input


Screen description__________________________________________________________________

Throw distance (in feet)_______

Screen height and width_______

Screen Aspect:

1.77 (16×9)



Please download the Technical Survey PDF and fax completed checklist to Emerging Pictures.