You’ve Been Trumped

Emerging Pictures, will be re-releasing You’ve Been Trumped, the acclaimed documentary about US- presidential candidate, Donald Trump, through its digital distribution network .

New York Magazine called YOU’VE BEEN TRUMPED a “riveting expose”. The documentary captures
the cultural chasm between the glamorous, jet-setting and media savvy Donald Trump and a deeply
rooted Scottish community in his attempt to turn protected wilderness into a luxury resort and golf course.
What begins as an often amusing clash of world-views grows increasingly bitter and disturbing. Funny,
inspiring and heartbreaking in turns, YOU’VE BEEN TRUMPED is both entertaining and a parable for
our celebrity driven times.

The documentary will be available across North America and Canada through the Emerging Pictures
Network and will utilize demand analysis tools along with integrated social marketing systems to
optimize exhibitor inventory utilization and maximize revenue across the network.

“Whether you support him or not, Donald Trump is everywhere these days,” said Ryan Markowitz, VP of
Distribution and Marketing. “This documentary gives insight into a project of his and how it was
conducted which is ever more important as he touts his business credentials as the mainstay of his
presidential bid.”

The TRUMP release will be powered by Emerging Pictures’ social media platform and
accompanying suite of tools that identify and amplify demand across the network in combination with
advanced audience targeting systems and ticketing engine. By visiting audiences
can request screenings in their market and engage with each other to see the film.

“By analyzing demand data across the exhibitor network, we’ve identified this documentary as an ideal
way to capitalize on the current social dialogue surrounding Trump’s campaign,” says Ryan Nadel,
Executive VP of Twenty Year Media. “It’s ever more important for communities to gather and engage in
the political conversation. Local movie theatres are a great place for this dialogue and You’ve Been
Trumped is the ideal movie to get that conversation started.”